Please note: As soon as the products are ready for pre-order, they will appear below. If they are not listed, this is because we are still working on them :) 

Exciting new items are in store, well they will be soon anyway.   We are currently offering Altenew products in small batch pre-orders only until we see how popular they are. 

Once we have customer purchases of a minimum quantity of 2 for each product we are offering, we will send an email blast letting you all know when we will be closing pre-orders. If all goes well, we will have the products in our hands a week or so later (may be a bit longer due to shipping from the USA and customs) and will offer any additional products we were able to procure for retail that will have our usual availability.  

We are so excited about this new growth of our company and cannot wait to share project idea and other fun stuff in 2024!

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