Due to Covid-19, we have had to make some changes.  

Only physically in-stock products will be available for the forseable future.   If you are looking for a particular product, please ask! We can always put that product on a future order for you no problem. We typically order at the start of the month, and we would include the item you are looking for in that order.  Please note, all requested items must be paid for in advance. It can take up to 3 weeks for the product to arrive here from California. Shipping times have definitely improved but the border is typically the delay if there is going to be one. 

We are taking every precaution we can during this pandemic.  Our products are in a secured, safe location.  Hands are washed, envelopes are tucked away in a safe spot, and products are not touched with bare hands, gloves are used to pack all orders.  

Thank you for sticking with us during this difficult time. 

Amanda and Elena