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build-a-gumball machine

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This set is gum-believably adorable! Build a classic gumball machine with shiny gumballs, tokens, and lots of decorating elements. You can even make a shaker card! Our Acetate is perfect for a glass look on the gumball machine globe. Use your favorite cardstock or patterned paper for a unique look each time!
Coordinating set ideas: Give It a Whirl Messages: Friends fits wonderfully on the globe of the gumball machine for a big way to send smiles!
approximate sizes:assembled gumball machine: 2 1/2"� x 3 7/8"�round gumball: 1/2"� x 1/2"heart gumball: 1/2"� x 1/2"token: 3/8"� x 3/8"�
This set has 14 pieces.
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