Watercolor Paper Pad (9"x12") - Cold Pressed

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Elevate your journey with our exceptional watercolor paper - designed to effortlessly bring your creative visions to life. Crafted with your preferences in mind, this high-quality, cold-pressed watercolor paper is the perfect canvas for your next masterpiece. Say hello to even application, excellent textures, and gorgeous pigment absorption! 12 Sheets with Glue-Bound Pad: Keeps your work secure while allowing you to remove individual sheets without damage
Made from 100% Cotton: Lift, layer, and adjust your colors with ease and durability
Cold Pressed Texture: Strikes the perfect balance between smoothness and texture; enough tooth to handle pigments well
300 g/m2 (140 lb) Paper Weight: Heavyweight paper that won’t buckle
9" x 12” (22.86 x 30.48cm) Paper Size: Perfect size for most watercolor designs
Acid-free & Archival: Preserve your artwork confidently, knowing its quality will endure